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    From $37 to $339,000: Why the Price of Public Records Requests Varies So Much

    The laws about public records differ from one government to the next and are further complicated by some technologies, like police body cameras.
    BY  FEBRUARY 14, 2017


    In 2015, the editor of a newspaper in Florida filed a public records request with the Broward County Sheriff's Office asking for the email of every employee during a five-month period to be searched for specific gay slurs.

    In response, the South Florida Gay News received a $339,000 bill.

    The office said fulfilling the request would take four years and require hiring a dedicated staffer. The exorbitant charge set off a year-long legal battle that attracted the Associated Press and its lofty resources. To show how arbitrary the number was, the AP and South Florida Gay News filed a similar request to the sheriff's office in other Florida counties. They were quoted fees ranging from as little as $37 to more than $44,000.

    Why then is there such a big range of costs for similar information?

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