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    A retrospective: Peter Angelos at 80  

    Posted: 1:00 am Thu, July 2, 2009
    By Liz Farmer
    Daily Record Business Writer

    What the Peter G. Angelos name means in Baltimore depends on whom you ask.

    Angelos, who turns 80 on Saturday, is a legal giant — a civic white knight who became the “king of asbestos” in the 1980s, securing $1 billion in settlements for tens of thousands of union workers he has represented for nearly 50 years and identified with his entire life.

    He’s also the businessman who some say is suffocating the very baseball team he set out to restore as a source of pride for his adopted city.

    A multimillionaire, Angelos could be living in the lap of luxury and enjoying retirement. Instead, the son of Greek immigrants spends six days a week in the office and is just as hands-on with his business ventures as he was decades ago.

    His friends say his generosity knows no bounds and his loyalty is fierce. Orioles fans have slung mud at his name, pointing to more than a decade of losing seasons.

    And what does that all mean to Angelos?

    “What’s important is what people think of you … overall — not just from the standpoint as a baseball owner,” he said, during a two-hour interview with The Daily Record this week at his Charles Center office. “You just hope that, overall, people think of you in the positive as opposed to those areas where you didn’t quite meet the test.”

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