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    Mythology lesson, Preakness style


    We've all had our fun with Kegasus, the half-man, half-horse, beer-chugging mascot of the Preakness Stakes Infieldfest this year. But here's a fun (and by fun, we mean dorky) fact: the actual mythological creature Pegasus wasn't half-man, half-horse. That's a centaur. Oops!

    Turns out the ad brains at Elevation Ltd. responsible for the controversial campaign actually do know the difference between a pegasus (the winged horse) and a centaur.

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    Dreary days for long-suffering Nats fans

    At Nationals Park, the die-hards are few and far between, compared with the horde of casual observers and fans of the opposing team.-Andrew Harnik/Examiner
    Gloomy skies and a cold drizzle ushered in the 2011 baseball season as the Washington Nationals played before the smallest Opening Day crowd since the squad's days in Montreal.

    As with every new spring, most of the 39,055 fans were optimistic on Opening Day, even for a team that has yet to post a winning record since it moved here in 2005.

    "I'm still thrilled, no matter how low the quality of the team, that Washington has a baseball team," said David Dreyer, a longtime D.C. resident.

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    Preakness promoters wooing back drinkers - er, crowds

    The advertising brains at Preakness have drummed up a doosey this year. In a move that seems like a disproportionate apology for banning outside beverages in the infamous infield a few years ago, promoters are introducing a new mascot for the infield this year: Kegasus.

    Half-man, half-horse, this lengendary figure (whose resume includes posing for romance novel covers and starring in an Old Spice television commercial) is sworn to return the Preakness infield to the joyous drunkfest so enjoyed by under-aged college kids the world over.

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    Md. tracks see new owner in subsidized 3-year plan

    Maryland horse racing officials on Wednesday said the state’s racetracks needed a three-year government subsidy to give them more time for developing a long term plan, which will likely include consolidating into private ownership.

    Penn National Gaming is considering selling back its 49 percent stake in Laurel Park and Pimlico Race Course, officials said. In turn, co-owner MI Developments would transfer total ownership of the two thoroughbred tracks to Frank Stronach, the founder of Ontario-based MID. Stronach was also chairman of Magna Entertainment Corp., the bankrupt former owner of Maryland’s tracks.

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