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    Maryland horse racing gambles on slots

    Getty Images
    Saturday's Preakness Stakes highlights a Maryland

    horse racing tradition in precarious transition, as an industry that long opposed other forms of gambling becomes dependent on its competition for survival.

    Maryland horse racing isn't alone in its deepening reliance on other gambling to boost the payouts at racetracks. Tracks in Delaware, Pennsylvania and West Virginia have been buoyed by slot machine profits for years and, more recently, table game revenue. Even Churchill Downs, home of the hallowed Kentucky Derby, is trying to bring slots to the track.

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    Give Washington basketball its bragging rights back

    BB&T Classic (15 of 82)I smell fresh blood.

    For the first time in a long time — perhaps ever — the Washington region’s men’s basketball scene is full of new faces. And we’re not just talking about the freshmen. George Washington head coach Karl Hobbs is out. In is Vermont’s Mike Lonergan, a native of Bowie and former assistant at the University of Maryland. The revered Gary Williams is finally retiring after more than two decades as Maryland’s head coach — replacing him is Texas A&M’s Mike Turgeon.

    And not to mention Debbie Yow’s exit from her post as Maryland athletic director; replaced last fall by Kevin Anderson, the first African-American to hold the position at Maryland. Her GW counterpart, Jack Kvancz, retired in February and America East Conference Commissioner took his place last month.

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    Happy Friday! Best clip of the year

    Keenan Cahill, the YouTube phenom who suffers from a rare disease, has teamed up with te Giants' Brian Wilson and Cody Ross -- and that wacky seal -- for this latest lip-syncing video. The video is part of a fundraiser Ross and Cahill are promoting that's taking place at a Giants game next month.

    This is hands down the funniest thing I've seen all year and I've watched it five times so far -- you won't want to watch it just once, either! If you didn't love the misfit Giants before ... well, you're heartless if you still feel that way after watching this. Learn more about Cahill by clicking here. In the meantime, check out the video:


    Jock tax coming to D.C. athletes?

    D.C. Councilmen Jack Evans and Harry Thomas Jr. have proposed a bill that would tax the income of the District's nonresident professional athletes, estimating it could be a $5 million annual boon to the city.

    Known as a "jock tax," the practice was first used by California in 1991 when it decided to tax Michael Jordon and the Chicago Bulls after the Los Angeles Lakers lost to Chi-town in that year's NBA finals.

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