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    The 1a: The Land Of Lincoln Is Penniless

    Image result for original illinois state flag

    The Land Of Lincoln Is Penniless: Is It A Warning Or An Outlier?

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    Illinois is facing billions in debt, and has gone nearly two years without passing a budget.

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    Connecticut NPR radio: Fiscal Health In Hartford

    Hartford skyline

    Fiscal Health In Hartford: The Costs And Benefits Of Declaring Bankruptcy


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    Hartford is inching closer and closer to insolvency — at a time when Connecticut is facing a fiscal crisis of its own.

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    C-SPAN Washington Journal: Liz Farmer on Federal Grant Money for U.S. City Budgets

    Liz Farmer on Federal Grant Money for U.S. City Budgets Liz Farmer examined the federal grant money large urban areas receive to supplement their budgets in light of President-elect Donald Trump’s threat to pull funds from cities that refuse to deport undocumented immigrants.



    Transcript available at C-SPAN: